Je n'ai jamais cherché autre chose que cette sensation de légèreté.
Un soulagement de corps et de coeur,
comme si ces derniers se séparaient à travers l'euphorie.


Apolatl, “stagnant water” in Nahuatl language, posseses two meanings:

The first one refers to the water abandonned by the tide that we find between rocks. A micro-habitat on the edge of the vastness of the sea, that alows and supports a microcosm flourishing (crabs, hermits, urchins...) The second one alludes to the insertion of a solid body into a liquid source, provoking a splash on its surrounding area.

The mark of an event we witnessed.

Figuratively, Apolatl represents an autonomous space and advocates the emergence of young visual art. Creating an Apolatl is producing an action which will be remembered, kept and owned by the public. Through it, they will be able to develop their own memory. A cycle of birth, the creation of a story. Their own Apolatl.

Silence is as important as music”


The Apolatl project is based on an invitation to a tale narration inside a stageplay. For this occasion, every single element of this universe is designed by hand in a limited serie, including the costumes and accessories worn by the performers. Once the representation has come to an end, if the spectator wishes to, he can provide himself an element of the show and take back with him a part of the action that has just happened.

Thereby, by using the chosen item, he is able to make the experience his and (re)invent his own notion of Apolatl. The items incorporate his own imagination and the products become an allusion to a memory, to a splash.


The stories revolve around my childhood memories and nostalgy. Within time, this remote past has been modified and idealized, becoming a yearned and secure space only reached through dreams. The distance marked by migration, maturity and by fierce urbanization make this context impossible to find again.

Apolatl, is today the loom in which I weave my lost memories.



Nahuatl an agglutinative language.Spoken in many regions of Central America, Nauhatl has many idiolects.
The term Apolatl can therefore be fragmented in divers ways:


A =  Nahuatl from the Pacific Coast (Region of Veracruz), term for water 

POLATL = Scattering


APOLA = To plunge a member of the body in a liquid surface.

ATL = Water in Mountains Nahuatl (Region of Oaxaca).


APOL = Submerge / an access permission / energy sharing.

ATL = Liquid consistance.

Conception, design & origins

The products conception relies on the use of organic cotton canvas, made in the state of Oaxaca. Located in Mexico's Center Pacific region, Oaxaca is reputated for its millenial textile tradition. The State rallies more than 16 ethnicities with a great variety of cultures and weaving techniques. A recognised expertise perpetuated from generation to generation in local families. The hand-made fabrication of the thread, the traditional weaving and creation of natural colorants are a wonderful cultural heritage dating back to Pre-columbian times.

Apolat aims to melt traditional technique and contemporary forms to affirm a Métis lifestyle, enhancing a minimalist and practical design vision and prioritizing an object as utilitarian than ludic.

“A movement quest.”


The item's adaptability is its main feature. Throughout reversibility and extensibility, it presents different fonctions, presentations and a transformation capacity that makes it both useful and unique.