During the Oaxaca residency, the investigation was based on  the traditionnal technique of kite-fishing in the Ikoot culture of San Mateo del Mar.

The Ikoot culture has traditionally a profound respect towards nature. The Ikoots are also the unique community to have developed the cunning and poetic practice of fishing with a kite. This practice is mostly carried out in San Mateo del Mar in the State of Oaxaca. Apolatl has for a long time been passionate about this technique, that relies on a ludic item.

In partnership with the Museo Textil de Oaxaca and the Alfredo Harp Helu Foundation, Fabienne Guilbert Burgoa, while collaborating with Hector Pinzon Flores (Craftmen and specialist in Kite-fishing from San Mateo Del Mar) developped several textile design pieces which mix traditional craftsmanship and minimalist innovative structures.

Stage play

The artist Lissette Jiménez has joined the project to help create the choreography . The starting point was the relation with the elements : the earth, the sea and the wind.

sound composition

While the Apolatl Kite and the costumes were put to practice in San Mateo del Mar, Hugo Mir-Valette did a serie of field recordings, communing with the local lands.  He then composed an abstract soundscape along with the local lands, its sounds and colors. 

The guiding thread with the Apolatl designs is the adaptability of the pieces, but also the blend between utilitarian and ludic. The convertibility of the pieces extends the possibilities in the dancers creative process. 

In the creation of the choreography, water is a crucial element. The flow carries and rallies the pieces and the transitions gather like two consecutive dreams.

Direct contact with water is essential.